Azimio’s Top Agent Exposes 3 People Who Cost Raila’s Bid; How Uhuru Spent Sh55B in Last Days in Office & Witness Tells Court Uhuru Participated in Approving Arror and Kimwarer

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Kenyans are waiting for President William Ruto to appoint his cabinet. For sports fans, the main focus will be on the choice of the Sports Cabinet Secretary.

Deputy President William Ruto

This comes as embattled Football Kenya Federation(FKF) President, Nick Mwendwa, was reinstated after graft allegations were dropped by President Ruto’s administration.

Just like most ministries, the one dealing with sports which is a multi-million dollar industry is overly critical and especially given that the country is a globally respected sporting powerhouse. There is unanimity that Kenya’s football requires urgent resuscitation.

In my opinion, the biggest concern that the ministry should look into is corruption which is responsible for throwing Kenya in trouble with the world governing body, Fifa, which suspended the country over what it termed as government interference in the sport after it disbanded FKF over graft.

Do you think Ruto’s administration will be able to fight graft in the sports ministry and revive the once vibrant sports sector in the country?

We expect the new Sports CS to have his/her in-tray full in dealing with the deficiencies of a number of disciplines.

Meanwhile, here are news stories making headlines on Opera News today;of a number of d

Where did the money go? How the Uhuru regime spent Sh55 billion in the last days of administration

The National Treasury incurred Sh54.68 billion in unbudgeted public expenditure towards the end of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term.

This raised questions about the fiscal discipline of a country that is grappling with liquidity issues and a huge public debt, on a day when MPs accused the National Treasury of overstepping its mandate in the budget-making process.

The expenditure worsened the issue of pending bills, making the budget deficit a moving target.

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Fresh Twist As Azimio’s Top Agent Spills The Beans On The Three People Who Cost Raila Odinga’s Bid

The blame game of how former Prime Minister Raila Odinga lost the August 9 general elections has taken a new twist with a top Azimio agent spilling the beans on the three people who foiled Raila Odinga’s bid to the state house.

While speaking to a local daily, the agent who sought anonymity has said that Raila Odinga was let down by a Cabinet Secretary, a Principal Secretary and a close aide to the former premier.

According to the new details shared by the official, agents had been trained. They had already been issued with a downpayment only for a top official within the coalition to present a new list of agents on the eve of the elections.

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Arror and Kimwarer: Witness Tells Court Uhuru Kenyatta Participated in Approving Concept Paper

A former procurement officer at the Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) has confirmed that former president Uhuru Kenyatta took part in the conceptualisation of the Kimwarer and Arror Dam projects while serving as Finance minister on August 4, 2009.

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