Murathe ‘Changes’ Tune on Raila’s Presidency; Bensouda Wants Ruto’s ICC Case Revived & Inside Ruto’s 5-hour BBI Crunch Talks

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Today marks the end of the first week for the month of December and perhaps a looming good weekend for many employed people who have received their salaries.

We can’t wish you anything short of a happy festive season as we caution you of  Njaanuary ahead. And on that note, have you wondered what bedevilled this country Kenya specifically on the current state of affairs?

With the skyrocketing cases of unemployment, the dwindling economy and the ballooning debt, does the future look promising from your end?

Perhaps it is time that David Ndii’s idea of secession to materialise.

The government is not able to meet its day to day operation costs, IMF is pessimistic on the country’s debt management ability, key parastatals have to be merged with some employees laid off, students fees reportedly tripled, no jobs, the Kenyan shilling decreasing every day, the list is endless.

As a patriotic Kenyan, my optimism abandons me. To be told that BBI will solve the aforementioned predicaments is a fat lie.

With reported addition of extra-parliamentary seats, Kenyans will not be able to shoulder the burden.

Lets tone down the political noise in the country, let the referendum debate be shelved. We need to refocus our energy in building our economy because the future isn’t promising.

That aside, here are our top stories today:

Murathe ‘Changes’ Tune on Raila’s Presidency

Jubilee Vice Chair David Murathe.

David Murathe has now changed tune on Raila Odinga’s presidency in 2022 after he revealed why he might vote for Ruto in 2022.

Speaking during an interview with KTN News last evening, Murathe revealed that he will vote for Ruto if he will be the Jubilee candidate in 2022.

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Bensouda Wants Ruto’s ICC Case Revived

A collage of Fatou Bensouda and DP William Ruto

International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda wants cases against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang revived.

Bensouda spoke to the Nation on Thursday, December 3, clarifying that the cases were vacated and not thrown out of court.

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Inside Ruto’s 5-hour BBI crunch talks

DP Ruto in a meeting with Tangatanga leaders at his Karen Office.

Details have emerged of Deputy President William Ruto’s closed-door meeting with allies during which he poured out his heart over the looming Building Bridges referendum.

During the five-hour crunch talks at his Karen residence, Ruto narrated to his troops the genesis of the BBI and said he feels betrayed after what he claimed are the changes in the initiative’s original objectives.

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Not forgetting governor Sonko’s impeachment, what is your general opinion on the whole saga surrounding the beleaguered Governor? Will he survive or the deep state will force him out like former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu?

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