Just in: Government Limits Number of Passengers Allowed in Matatus to 8

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country still stands at seven.

This was revealed by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, in the Friday edition of the government’s daily COVID-19 in Kenya briefings.

The CS added that four people had been admitted to Mbagathi Hospital since his previous briefing on Thursday, with one of them already having tested negative.

The other three were set to receive their results by Saturday morning.

For public transport, Kagwe ordered that 14 seater matatus should only carry a maximum of 8 people, 25 seaters should only carry a maximum of 15 people, and for the high capacity vehicles, a maximum number of 60 percent of the sitting capacity would be allowed.

The CS directed that bars and entertainment joints, starting Monday, would be forced to close at 7:30 PM every day until further notice. Eateries, Kagwe said, would be allowed to operate normally, as long as the social distancing rule was adhered to.

He also ordered supermarkets to observe the same rule.

In line with the social distancing practice that has been highly popularized in the wake of the pandemic, only a few journalists were allowed to cover the press address, specifically, 10 representatives from four media outlets.

Earlier on Friday, two individuals were taken to isolation in Kirinyaga county after they exhibited symptoms of the infection.

In Murang’a, authorities announced that they would not allow non-residents into the county going forward, a measure aimed at preventing the spread of the disease to the region.

Meanwhile, three suspected cases of coronavirus in Kakamega turned out negative, as did another case, in Kisumu county.

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