Sonko Ejected From Main Dais at Moi’s Burial Ceremony

Embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has reportedly been ejected from the main dais at Kabarak.

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The governor, who had attended Mzee Moi’s funeral ceremony at his Kabarak home is said to have been ejected by the security officers as he tried to access the dais area preserved for the VIP persons.

The governor was seen standing far away from the podium as the ceremony proceeded. Reports indicate that he later took his seat outside the VIP area.

Sonko’s predicaments come just some few days after he has allegedly kicked out of parliament buildings shortly after viewing Moi’s body.

The governor had queued together with other ordinary Kenyans to pay his last respect to the late former head of state.

The funeral is currently ongoing with President Uhuru Kenyatta already at Kabarak to lead the country to see off the fallen icon of peace.

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