Gunshots Fired as Murder Suspect Engages Police in Physical Fight

A murder suspect on Tuesday engaged the police in a physical brawl as he tried to resist arrest, which left him badly wounded.

Mr Edward Moi Manjuri was shot on his chest when he became physical and started fighting the police using a metallic bar.

Four officers Ms Wincate Karimi, Michael Gitonga attached to Limuru DCI office and Cornelius Hiribae and Julius Kimani attached to Matete Police Station who were armed with a warrant had gone to arrest the suspect when the fight started.

“When the officers reached the suspects home, the suspect resisted arrest and he violently confronted the officers while armed with a metallic bar which he used to hit Ms Karimi on her right hand,” part of a statement filed at the Matete Police Station read.

The suspect is said to have again aimed the metallic bar for the second time and wanted to hit the female officer but he ended up hitting Mr Gitonga on his left arm dislocating his elbow.

He then tried to snatch the pistol from Ms Karimi and that prompted her to fire two warning shots which was loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition.

The suspect was in the process injured on his right arm after a bullet hit him and penetrated through the chest.

Webuye Hospital. Photo/Courtesy

“The suspect was overpowered and got arrested, he is currently admitted at the Webuye Sub County Hospital,” the report stated.

Cases of members of the public have been on the increase in the recent past with the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai warning civilians against it.

Three weeks ago, social media activist Mildred Owiso shocked the public when she confronted a traffic police officer and even kicked her out of her car.


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