How KANU Leaders Seek to Leave Ruto ‘Homeless’

The North Rift region has been home to Deputy President William Ruto, where he not only lives but also enjoys enormous support from his tribes’ men.

He has managed to gain political mileage in the region that was once known to be a territory of Retired President Moi.

Ruto himself is a product of Moi’s KANU Party through which he clenched into power, with the latter acknowledging him as his ‘son’.

Through making smart steps, Ruto was able to rise the political ladder and be ahead of KANU Party and Gideon Moi who is Moi’s biological son.

Gideon Moi (left) and DP William Ruto (right)

For a long time, the KANU regime had lost a grip of the north rift region, leaving its dominance to Willian Ruto.

Now, the party seeks to regain its lost glory by adopting the Building Bridges Initiative report.

Nick Salat, KANU Secretary-General has stated that the party aims at taking control of the second phase of the BBI process in the Rift Valley at large.

KANU Secretary-general Nick Salt

This comes as a move by the party to stamp its authority in the region and repulse DP Ruto who is against the second phase of BBI report.

The new move by KANU has sent a threat to Ruto’s allies in the region who claim to hold supremacy hence should be the ones to determine the direction that the region takes.

According to Political analyst Ducan Kipngeno, Ruto’s team will have to reconsider changing their course before Gideon’s Team take over the region with the BBI.

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