Hot Photos Of ‘Selina’ Actor Biko That That Have Given Ladies Sleepless Nights

Peter Kamau aka Biko in a scene with actress Brenda Wairimu (Instagram)

Peter Kamau has been a news anchor on 1FM and 91.5 FM, an actor on Tahidi High and Rosa but it’s his role as ‘Biko’ in Kenya’s first telenovela Selina that has earned him the recognition he deserves.

Peter plays the role of conniving and cold-hearted Biko, a role that has earned him a legion of fans and some love from the ladies.

Love that he has taken in his stride. “I am thankful for every fan that I get and I am happy for their support. I just appreciate the love and support,” he told SDE.

Biko and Celina (Instagram)

Despite all the attention from his fawning fans, he has not let the fame get to his head as he revealed to Nairobi News.

“I acknowledge the fact that things come and go, including fame. It comes and it can go just as fast. No one is guaranteed of tomorrow, so instead, hold on to what you find dear, like family and friends who will keep you grounded, because they are the same people you will turn to if things don’t work out,” he told the blog.

Maybe it’s his looks, down to earth nature while playing the role of a villain on TV that has earned him a stable fan base.

Check out some photos of Biko that have given ladies sleepless nights.

Peter Kamau aka Biko (Instagram)
Peter Kamau aka Biko (Instagram)
Peter Kamau aka Biko (Instagram)
Peter Kamau aka Biko (Instagram)
Peter Kamau aka Biko (Instagram)

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