One Question That Ended Moses Kuria’s Press Conference Abruptly

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria held a press conference on Wednesday to address the standoff between the embattled advocate of the High Court Miguna Miguna and the government of Kenya.

In his address, Kuria accused the ODM leader Raila Odinga of orchestrating Miguna’s suffering claiming that he was behind his woes.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria.

However, the MP was reportedly cornered after a journalist questioned him on the practicality of his remarks to the extent of ending the press conference abruptly.

“Moses Kuria held a press conference today at the Parliament Buildings and told the media that Raila is the one who instructed Matiangi to bar Miguna’s return.

“A journalist asked him: “Is Raila more powerful than Uhuru and Ruto?” Kuria ended the press conference,” tweeted an online user identified as Kinuthia Pius.

Lately, Kuria has been criticising the government for denying Miguna entry into the country saying the Lawyer is a Kenyan and that his rights must be respected.

However, Kuria’s accusations labelled at the ODM leader attracted a series of attacks from a section of online users who also cited a previous instance where the MP celebrated Miguna’s deportation.

One Twitter user identified as Erick Atitwa said; “Tanga Tanga imbeciles like Moses Kuria should be the last ones to intimidate Raila over Miguna Miguna. They cheered the despots as they tortured Miguna. They should also suffer one day.”

Another, @oyuga002, blasted Kuria saying: “let me remind Kenyans that when, an allegedly sedated, Miguna was on board a plane being deported, Moses Kuria was curiously on that same plane.

“Kuria himself posted photos and videos of a sad-looking Miguna on the plane. He went ahead and mocked Miguna calling him a Canadian.”

Here is what other Kenyans had to say:

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