Are Bonfire Adventures Cons? Irate Kenyans Expose Their Worst Experiences

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Award-winning travel company Bonfire adventures are on the spot after a whistle-blower exposed her bad experience with them online.

As it is the festive season, many families plan to travel with their loved ones to get away and experience new things. Dr Bosire Wairimu is one such person who wanted nothing more than to give her son and his nanny a good relaxing trip to Dubai after a long year. As most Kenyans would, she chose Bonfire adventures to make the travel arrangements.

Things, however, took a turn for the worst and the disappointed client took to twitter to rally for KOT’s help.

Read her full story below.

Other Kenyans also came out to expose the award-winning travel company for bad experiences they have had with them.

The tweets went on and on under the hashtag #BonfireRefundMamaTj where more and more people came out to sympathize with Daktari and share their experiences as well. After going viral, Sarah Kabu the CEO finally spoke up. Taking to her Instagram page, she urged people not to be quick to judge before getting all sides of the story.

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