Anadhani Yeye Ni Joho? Popular Politician Badly Embarrassed After Forcing Himself on Gengetone Artists

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A popular politician has been badly embarrassed after exerting his power and influence in trying to sway gengetone artists from their gigs.

Popular Sailors manager Mwalimu Rachel came out to shame the popular Meru MCA in a rant posted on her Twitter page.

She bashed him as an enemy of progress and warned KOT against such people.

“Enemies of progress WE SEE YOU. You will not prosper here! So this morning I receive a call telling me that @sailors254 were late for pick up from their place because they were apparently being entertained by a certain MERU MCA..” she started.

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Apparently the MCA derailed the band and their plans by forcefully getting rid of their driver, saying he would drive them himself.
“He had the audacity to tell our road manager that he will drive them to Kitale because “he wants to see them perform?!” Because what work have we been doing all this time sir? A mere MCA derailing our work as management and flaunting your small small money so that you show Sailors what? Derailing them to go party when they’re building their future!?” questioned Rachel.
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She challenged him and every other politician like him to do better if they want to support the youth and music industry.
“You want to support them? How about reach out earlier and provide a car with a driver and jaza mafuta. Don’t just come there with your chest saying you will drive them. Who are you? We don’t know you! Such disrespect,” said Rachel.
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She reprimanded his fake help saying,”Where were you when no one knew Sailors? Where was your ‘support’ then? And if they get into your fancy car Mr Politician and they get into an accident God forbid, do you even know where their parents live?? ACHA UFALA! !”
The multitalented manager who was was completely riled up finished with a piece of advice to upcoming artists.
“Artists!!! GUARD YOUR TALENT AND HARD WORK!!! Do not let politicians, so called fans or anyone lead you astray! That is where abuse of alcohol, reckless sex that leads to infections and drug abuse creeps in! Chunga sana! These streets will love you now and spit you out tomorrow,” she closed.



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