Otile, Wema Sepetu Spark Dating Rumours After Lovey Video

Kenyan singer Otile Brown has sparked dating rumors after he shared a video of him with Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu.

In the video, the two artists are on a video call and they both sing Otile Brown’s latest jam ‘This Kind Of Love’.

Otile seems more than comfortable being shirtless throughout the video. According to the singer, his new song is Sepetu’s best at the moment and this explains their sensual moment.

In one of her previous posts, Wema Sepetu had congratulated both Ali Kiba and Otile on their new tracks revealing how excited she was.

“…his Kind of Love, Of Love… Otiiiiiileeeee…. Aaaaaaah…!!! This Song….!!! Thank you for this one…!!! Wewe na Kiba are making my Saturday….!!! Nasema ASANTE..” she wrote

Although Sepetu might have done this to express her genuine support to Otile, fans think that the two can make a good couple.

Mkidate itapendezanana_love255 said

weuh hapa ni wema ashatekwa already,,,,next big story in town”    officialdaviske added

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Others feel like Otile is planning on making his move considering that he broke up with his girlfriend.

utasikia anamdate likonian shouted

Another social media user suggested that it is only a matter of time before the two start dating.

I can’t wait for the results.. We know wats gonna happened next..chii7terryconsolata said

Even though some approved of the two becoming a couple, others disagreed and even warned Otile Brown over dating her.

Some suggested that Sepetu is now aging and therefore she should step back from such involvements.

Here are some of the comments

iamcarinah_ Ashazeeka😂atulie


Mwambie aaache kutumia mikorogo


Chunga usikule mabaki bro😂😂😂


Hapa haupati kitu otile 😂😂

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