I blackmailed our loose house girl to sleep with me – young village boy confess


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Parents have become so busy that they lack ample time to spend and guide their children. As much as children are often left under the care of the house helps, parents, should teach their children the ways of life to avoid molestation like it is the case in the confession below.

This is a story of my early exposure to sex (or what I thought was sex) from the age of 7-10 years in the hands of cousin and a maid.

I grew up a typical village boy, herding cattle, going to school barefooted (not for lack of shoes but to fit in since most students had no shoes) etc.

At the age of 7 years, I could accompany my lady cousin to herd the cattle in the bush. She was 17 years at the time and always requested for me to accompany her.

One day, while herding she told me she had something sweet to show me. She unbuttoned my trouser and touched by young D*** until it was erect and then she showed me where to put it while she was lying down.

Of course, I was too young to even c**. One day, instead of lying down, she bent over for me to enter her from behind (later I learned it is called doggy style).

From that day henceforth, I always thought ladies had two p****. One in the front and one behind (I couldn’t figure out that it was just one).

Again, I thought the p**** behind was sweeter. This was really confusing to me since I had no one to talk to on matters of sex (who could talk to me about that when I was only 7 and a Sunday school boy? ) until later when I studied reproduction in upper primary school.

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Still, I thought the lessons on reproduction were missing something by only discussing one v*****. It is in secondary school, after seeing porn magazines, that I was able to reconcile the two v***** into one.

We continued to go herding and f**** with the cousin for most of that year whenever it was her turn to look after the cattle.

Now to the maid. I have been brought up by many maids. We always had one at an early age. I was 9 years. She was beautiful, I could see. And she was a lady of the people/many men.

Wherever mum was not around, the maid could bring one or two guys in a single day. One day, I threatened her that I would tell mum. Instead, she told me she would show me what the other boys came to do in her bedroom.

So once a guy was done with her, she could call me to go to her bedroom, and tell me to join her in bed. However, since she thought I was young and still very naive, she could lie to me that wamekuja kulala tu kwa bed.

So, we would cover ourselves in the blanket, lie there for 5 minutes, and then get up. She would then say “that’s what the other guys have done” . But I was wise. I had already tasted the goodies of my cousin and there is no way I would allow her to joke around with me.

I knew there was something better between her legs she could offer that she was offering the other guys. So this time, my mum went away for several days and the lady brought so many guys, at least three per day (now that am grown, am convinced she was either a prostitute or a serial player).

One day before mum came, I told her I would tell on her behavior unless she gave me what she gave those men and it would not just be going to cover ourselves under a blanket. That night, we had sex.

Of course, it was just penetrating once in and out and it was over. I never told mum or anyone of her bad behavior. She was later fired and I have never seen her or heard of her whereabouts ever since.

Anyway, now that I am grown up, I know that was not sex, it was molestation and sexual abuse. Anyway, I feel no regrets. It is all in the past.

I guess that my cousin thinks that I forgot. I know she is here (now in her 30s)…but who cares… To those who have sons, look out for predators in the form of cousins and maids. That is my confession. Thanks for this channel.

Is it weird that the boy has no regrets? Who is to blame for the child molestation?

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