I’m Sleeping With My Boss Because My Husband Cheated – Kenyan Girl Cries

When your husband is cheating on you, anguish and devastation are words most people use to describe their pain.

Even if you think it might be happening and learn you were right, or you have no idea it’s coming and discover the truth out of nowhere, it hurts like landing on a heap of stones, and this might lead to you cheating as well.

Here’s a confession of one sad Kenyan Girl:

Hi, I wish you could start posting again because this channel has been a huge source of motivation for me. I have read many confessions, not all of them and to be honest, some are exactly what I have been going through and that alone gives me a lot of hope. Some take it for granted but knowing that you are not alone physically or emotionally can be a huge boost to personal morale and well being.

I don’t know where to start, if I would say that this started when I got married, then I would have to say it started when I first met my bf, or when I first joined college and so on and so forth so I’ll only say it just came. I have been married for quite a long time now, over 8 years. At first, everything was fine but then due to some behaviour changes, I had my husband investigated and the results were not entertaining. I found out he was cheating with several women including his workmates and there was solid proof to show it.

I was devastated, I guess I loved my husband so much plus this was the first time this was happening to me. For long had watched cheaters in soap operas, shows, read in novels but not once did it ever cross my mind I would be one day on the receiving end of things. I couldn’t feel anything, I became a brick even during sex I was just there physically and felt nothing. That went on for months until an incidence happened. I was over at my PI’s office, the one who investigated my husband and without knowing we had an explosive sex session in his office. After that, I was so devasted but at the same time couldn’t forget that one time and a few days later I had an explosive session this time with my husband. I don’t know what changed, maybe it’s because I was raised to believe that cheating is bad and I was making up for the mistake I had made. A few days after my session with the PI, I had these moments of guilt that I almost told my husband what I had done.

It’s not until a few months later that I discovered he had a side-chick, like another wife who already had a child and my life changed completely if it hadn’t already from there onwards. First days, a lot of thoughts were going through my mind, in all honesty, I even thought of killing her and my husband but I never told him a word. Even now I have never told him a word about it and it’s been over two years since I discovered it. It’s just that I also changed as a result. I have to admit at my age I have become a sex addict like a teenager, I have slept with so many guys I don’t know the count and this is in just a space of two years or so.

We live happily with my husband sometimes I wonder if he knows what I do and keeps it to himself like I know all his mischief but that doesn’t stop me from exploring. I have even done the worst, I have even paid male-escorts in the process of fulfilling my urge for different people. I have been with two women and frankly, I don’t know if I am going to stop this any time soon even though I have been trying to stop without bearing fruit. The best time I ever did when I decided to stop was two weeks then I was back in normal business. I wish if there was anyone here, a woman for that matter who has gone through this and quit for good to share how they did it through the admin. Please Help!”

Kenyan girl, end the relationship if the person who cheated hasn’t taken responsibility for what they’ve done, if they’ve not apologized and are not committed to regaining your trust, trust me, that was the best decision ever made!!!

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