5 Reasons Why Men Do Not Shave Their Armpits

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Shaving armpit hair is known to be hygienic although some people prefer not to.

Men especially, have the tendency of letting their hair grow out.

Some women can confess that they have never seen a man with clean-shaven armpits.

There are quite a number of disadvantages linked to not shaving armpit hair including; bad odor, more sweating which causes sweat rings on the shirt.

A number of men express no interest whatsoever in getting rid of armpit hair unless they are planning to go shirtless or their girlfriend encourages them to.

It is entirely disgusting to see sweaty hairy armpits although a number of ladies have admitted to being attracted to hairy men.

Here are some of the reasons why men do not shave armpit hair.

They do not think it is necessary

Most men generally have a don’t care attitude and this can be translated to their grooming habits.

Some are just not bothered by it and give the excuse that it is not even long enough to be cut off.

It is not that they are not clean, just that it has never crossed their mind that it is necessary.



Bad experience after shaving makes them not want to do it again. It can be so uncomfortable to keep scratching especially if you are in public and men usually try to avoid this embarrassment by all means.

Itchiness is usually caused by irritation of the follicles when hair continues to grow underneath the skin after shaving.

They prefer to trim it

Since they do not like the idea of entirely removing armpit hair, trimming serves as a better solution

Keeping it neat and short is good enough and definitely feels more comfortable than managing a ‘bush’

Gender norm

Most men don’t shave simply because having body hair has become a gender norm for and not having is a gender norm for women.

Most men feel that it is okay to have the hair grow out but women would be judged for having bushy armpits.

It makes them feel less manly

There is quite a number of men who feel that good grooming is associated with feminine behavior.

With this notion, most men don’t shave to avoid being mocked by their friends.







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