Gangster who Robbed a Police Officer Gunned Down

The gun recovered from the suspect by detectives [Photo, Courtesy]
Detectives on Thursday night gunned down a gangster who robbed a gun Detective from Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) while parking at his home on September 4.

The DCI said the officers managed to recover the gun from the suspect Elias Kirithi.

“A gangster was last night gunned down by Detectives from Nyeri and a pistol that had been robbed from an ATPU Detective on September 4th, 2019 while parking at his home recovered,” the DCI said.

The DCI said the suspect and an accomplice were ambushed by detectives as they attempted to rob Viceroy Club in Nyeri and escape on an unregistered motorcycle.

According to the DCI, the two defied orders to surrender and engaged the officers in a shootout where Kiriithi was fatally injured but his accomplice escaped.

Upon search, DCI says, a sharp knife and a pistol with 13 rounds of ammunition were recovered.

“The pistol was identified as one which had been robbed from Corporal Mwoki Kimeu when he was accosted by two armed robbers at his home.

They had fired one round at him before escaping with the rifle Ksh3,200

DCI said manhunt for the escapee is ongoing.

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