Prophet Owour Followers as Expected Prepare Way for His Mega Crusade in Nairobi

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Preparing to receive the self -proclaimed ‘Mighty Prophet’, Dr. Prophet David Owour in Nairobi, the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness members taken the initiative to invite Kenyans.

His followers have been spotted in the streets dressed in long dresses and suits carrying Placards and fliers while others are hyping the event online.

The crusade is expected to attract Christians from various nations and will be held on October 13 in Nairobi Central Park.

“Somebody tell a friend to tell a friend that this Upcoming Sunday, Central Park WORD Conference is a Must-Attend! The LORD has prepared a Feast for HIS People and all you need to do is to come with an empty heart ready to receive Hot Bread Fresh from the Throne of GOD in Heaven!”, reads one tweet from Holiness and Repentance’s member.
“The Lord God Almighty has called all people, race, tribe, and languages to assemble at the Nairobi Central Park for #InternationalWordExpo under The Mightiest Prophets of heaven.”
It’s always a norm for his followers to prepare the way for him. ON Twitter, followers shared the message urging all Kenyans to show up for the event.

Here is how Prophet Owour’s followers are preparing for his comeback.





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