2 Reasons Why the Vehicle Hasn’t Been Retrieved Today

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna [Photo, Courtesy]
Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has said the operation to recover car with the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her 4-year-old daughter has been suspended to Friday.

In a press briefing, Oguna said the recovery efforts have been delayed by strong waves in the oceans which swung the equipments used and in water making the rescue team unable to get a grip of the drifting vehicle.

He also said the car, Toyota Isis, which the rescue team located on Wednesday has to be retrieved with care because it has the bodies of the victims.

“Because the bodies of the victims are inside, it has to be removed carefully,” Oguna said.

He revelead if the same persists tomorrow, they will change the tactic to send in the divers who will manually position the machine to have a better grip to ensure the vehicle or bodies don’t slip back into the ocean

“Because the bodies of the victims are inside, it has to be removed carefully,” Oguna said.

Miriam Kighenda and daughter
Miriam Kighenda and daughter [Photo, Courtesy]
On Wednesday, Oguna said that the car and bodies will be retrieved on Thursday by 3 pm.

However, the Kenya Navy failed to retrieve it.

Yesterday, Oguna said he can authoritatively say that it is Mariam Kighenda’s vehicle as the divers had managed to confirm the registration plate number KCB 289C.

He, nonetheless, added that the government cannot authoritatively confirm that if Mariam’s body and that of her daughter are in the vehicle.

“Tomorrow when we will retrieve the vehicle from the sea, we would establish whether the bodies are in it, or not”

On Friday, Government pathologists were spotted on the rescue boat

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