7 Kenyan Celebrities Who Used To Be House Helps

It’s always impressive to have a successful story. Some Kenyan celebrities have had a fair share of problems and their stories are inspiring. Some went from being makangas and house helps to superstars.

Here are some of these celebs who worked as house helps.

1.Gloria Muliro:

When Gospel musician, Gloria Muliro finished her secondary school education, she couldn’t get her results due to her parents owing the school a lot of money.

She ended up being a house help in an estate in Eastlands. With earning a salary of Ksh .1300, she was able to clear her school fees, receive her KCSE results and then ventured into music.

   Gloria Muliro

2. Jalang’o:

Radio Presenter Jalang’o was once a houseboy at his uncle’s house in Lavington. He was also a fisherman before coming to the city.


3. Nyota Ndogo:

She was once a house help who was paid 1500 at the end of every month. While working there, she started composing songs. She was introduced to a producer who agreed to take her on.

                Nyota Ndogo

4. Akothee:

Another worked as a househelp in her then in-laws after eloping with her high school lover. a few years later, her marriage crumbled and had to start from the bottom. She finally made it ! She is an entrepreneur and a musician as well.


5.Betty Bayo:

She started off as a house help who earned  Ksh 70 a day. With the meagre earnings, she was able to pay her school fees . She had always had a vision of becoming a musician and through hard work, her dreams finally came true.

Betty Bayo

6.Nyce Wanjeri:

Former ‘Auntie Boss’ Star who acted as shiru the househelp was one in real life. After her secondary education,Shiru went to stay with her cousin who had promised to pay for her college. In return, Nyce had to work for her.

Nyce Wanjeri


7.Willy Paul:

This controversial gospel singer became a houseboy after he moved to Nairobi with his mom. They had just buried his dad and with him and his mom going separate ways, his only option was becoming a house help since he had nowhere else to go.

         Willy Paul


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