Mike Sonko’s Midnight Dream That Forced Him to Pray


Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko left many startled on Sunday 6 October with a morning prayer post on social media about a dream that robbed him of a good night’s sleep.

At around 1:27 am on Sunday, governor Sonko posted a prayer asking the Almighty God to make his presidential dream come true in 2022 major elections on his Facebook page.

Sonko did not stop by just posting about his dream but went ahead to give details of the dream in which he saw a pass out parade paying the respects to him as the Kenyan president after Uhuru Kenyatta’s term ended a few years.

Sonko believed that everything is possible with God giving an example of a Ukraine Comedian appointed by God to be a president.

Sonko promised in his prayer to serve Kenyans as he will be required of him if God fulfills his dream.

“Father as I am on my knees with both hands raised towards you, promise to continually serve and change the lives of Kenyans, just as Uhuru has done,” read part of Sonko’s request prayer.

Sonko concluded his prayer by saying through Jehovah everything is possible and if Jehovah says yes nobody can say no in Jesus’s name.

And  as one way of reiterating his dream, the governor posted a video of a police and army band parade paying their respects to him as the president.

In the video, the commander of the parade approached Sonko seeking permission to march off the bond to which he agreed.



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