Confession:Help!I’m Still in Love With My Ex

When you are in a serious relationship with a boyfriend, it can sometimes feel like you are giving a part of your soul over to them. You are trusting that person to be careful with it, to ensure that it is protected at all times. When the person decides it is best to break up, you will probably be left with an empty feeling and thoughts of” will I ever get over my ex boyfriend.”Here is a confession of a young lady:

I’m 18 yrs and got much Suffocation with my life. My parents divorced for about 3 yrs and my dad is still single and my mom is dating a married guy who I hate the most. It kills me every time I see her with him. I look the happiest girl among my friends but I’m hurt like deep down😭😭😭

To stay dull I started to drink and also smoke weed and cigars too. And I dated some guys and last year I met someone whom I still consider perfect for me and we started dating and I gave him my virginity too.

And we broke up this year and I still can’t get over him and finally when I thought I moved on I flirted with some guy and he took it seriously and I also thought I was loving him too but even when we make out I remember my ex who is the love of my life tried everything but I just couldn’t forget him.

I told the guy I still live my ex and broke up now I’m dying on one side there is my family and on the other, there is my boy I thought I was wise but I got dumber and dumber gradually. Now I hate everyone and almost addicted to everything and most importantly I just wanna become a murderer to kill 2 guys in my life which I’m not ready to confess now but I am really hurt inside reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyy hurt. But f*** it life goes on.

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