7 Kenyan Celebrities Past 35 and Still Look Peng’ (Photos)

  Sheila Mwanyigha

There must be some secret fountain of youth that they all sip from because they look much younger than their age. Here are some of the Kenyan Celebs who are ageing like fiiiiiiine wine:

1.Caroline Mutoko:

Caroline is in her early 40’s and doesn’t she even look a day over 35. No really, because she looks much younger and glowing like a twenty-year-old.

            Carol Mutoko

2.Sheila Mwanyigha:

She is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, having been in the industry for more than a decade. Even after leaving mainstream media, the sassy lady is still going strong and even started her own YouTube channel. The singer, TV host and former radio host is ageing gracefully and still looks fly!

       Sheila Mwanyigha


3.Cynthia Nyamai
She is a former KTN news anchor that quit the Kenyan media industry to focus on her own career, starting her own PR firm and so far, it has taken her to great places. Though she’s now single, the beautiful businesswoman is past thirty-five and you’d still confuse her for a twenty-something-year-old.

Cynthia Nyamai

4.Julie Gichuru:

At 46, she has 4 kids, an entrepreneur and is quite healthy. From her social media pages, you can tell that she is committed to working out and has a healthy everyday regime that is working for her.

          Julie Gichuru


5.Pierra Makena:

Hot DJ Pierra Makena looked nothing short of a snack during her extravagant birthday celebrations. The hot mama who could easily pass for 27-year-old recently clocked 38-years old.
Pierra Makena


Wahu is not far from the big 40 as she is already 39 years old and still looks ridiculously beautiful for her age.

  Wahu Kagwi


7.Terry-Anne Chebet:

Terry is already 40 but she looks like she could be in her late 20’s and probably not a day in her mid-thirties which is super impressive.

Terry-Anne Chebet

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