New Hurdle For BBI As Activist Moves to Court to Block Presentation of Report To Uhuru

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BBI team at a past function where they collected Kenyans views.

Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) is bound to stall after an activist moved to court to prevent it from presenting its report to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Activist Moraa Gesicho filed an application at the High Court of Kenya to block the initiative on the ground that she had a pending case in court with it.

According to Moraa, she filed a petition seeking nullification of the establishment of the BBI arguing that the body was illegally constituted.

She says that the Initiative filed an application to be enjoined in the case hence seeking a court order to bar any presentation of the report until the court rules on the case.

“I filed a petition at the High Court of Kenya where I wanted the court to nullify the establishment of the BBI.

My petition is about stopping this BBI from submitting its report to the president reason by they made the application to the same court to allow the court to enjoin them in my petition.

The petition has not been heard and determined so they have to go all the way to complete this application which is tied to my application before they submit the report to the president,” she said.

The development comes at the backdrop of a looming rebellion against BBI recommendations with Deputy President promising to shut it down if in case it recommends a referendum.

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President Uhuru and Nasa leader Raila Odinga meet the Building Bridges Initiative Members.

Political leaders allied to Uhuru-Raila Handshake have been rooting for constitutional amendments with the BBI report, ostensibly, expected to recommend a change of constitution.

Already the Punguza Mizigo Bill is facing huge resentment among opposition leaders with the majority of them calling on their supporters to wait for the BBI report.

The BBI is expected to present its report to President Uhuru in the month of October.

The task force was formed after President Uhuru buried the hatchet with his political nemesis, Raila.

The terms of reference of the task force are “to evaluate the national challenges outlined in the Joint Communiqué of ‘Building Bridges to a New Kenyan Nation, and having done so, make practical recommendations and reform proposals that build lasting unity.”

The task force comprised of Adams Oloo, Agnes Kavindu, Senator Amos Wako, Florence Omose, Saeed Mwanguni, James Matundura, Major John Seii, Bishop Lawi Imathiu, Maison Leshomo, Senator Mohamed Yusuf Haji, Morompi ole Ronkai Prof., Bishop Peter Njenga, Rose Moseu and Archbishop Zecheus Okot.

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