Confusion As Kenya Ferry Services, Private Divers Give Conflicting Report on Likoni Tragedy

                                     Victims of the Tragedy: Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu. 

With close to 72 hours already gone, the bodies of a woman and her daughter are yet to retrieved from the Indian ocean after a car plunged with them into the waters.

On Tuesday, a multi-agency team comprising of Kenya Navy officers and a team of private divers embarked on a mission to recover the remains of Mariam Kigenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

However, the team called off the rescue operation saying the exercise will not proceed due to darkness.

But as the nation is waiting to see the outcome of the operation once it resumes on Wednesday morning, the two teams conducting the operations have issued contradicting statements on whether they have located the bodies or not.

Mariam Kigenda. a woman who drowned with her daughter.

According to KTN journalist Tobias Chanji, coast reporter, it is not clear whether the Kigenda and her daughter have been located.

“There has been contradicting information after the Ferry management said they have seen the bodies but the private divers denied the claims.

I had to ask them (private divers) if they wanted to be given more money but they said the family members had catered for them so they said that was not the case.

But on the other side when I engaged Dan Mwazo the Chairperson of Kenya Ferry Services he said that for sure they had located the two bodies around 60 metres deeper,” reported Chanji during live coverage.

According to the reporter, the ferry chairperson has promised to allow journalists to access the area on Wednesday so that they can prove his claims.

On Sunday, a video circulating on social media showed a grey saloon car floating half-way on the ocean as it sunk within seconds amid screams from onlookers.

The video showed a good Samaritan trying to swim with a rope to tie on the vehicle, but this ended in futility as the car was completely submerged.

Authorities on Monday confirmed that the vehicle plunged 60 metres deep and Kenya Ferry Services is currently negotiating with the Kenya Navy for more oxygen.

Its divers can only go 30 metres with the oxygen tanks available.

The tragedy has thrown the ferry management at the receiving of massive accusations of negligence and poor management after failing to respond in time to rescue the victims.

The body recovery mission is expected to continue tomorrow between 9 am to 12 noon.

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