Akothee Distances Self From Leaked Sex Tape Rumored To Be Hers

Controversial Kenyan Singer Akothee has strongly distanced herself from a sex tape doing rounds on social media.

Apparently, the singer learnt of the video after numerous people slid to her DM sharing the video with her.

Akothee warned her fans against associating her with the video stating that the lady engaging in the act does not look anything like her.

“…you all know how my ass looks like and you all know me, stop pretending. That is your mother or your sister, send them the video…” she said

The singer also added that she will block anyone who dares to send her the video. Akothee also expressed disgust saying that she almost vomited when she saw the tape and described the man’s ‘mjulubeng as ugly.

The mother of 5 also revealed that she stopped having sex in Kenya because she believes that Kenyan men are not good for women.

Some of her fans expressed their disappointment and confessed that they wish it was Akothee’s real sex tape.

In response to these wild wishes, Akothee mentioned that her sex tape will soon be out.

Here are some of the reactions

@wyckliffeowiti Naskia madam boss akothee amemua kutandikia watu sex tape yake…. I knew it was just a matter of time!
@ryckylaze  Nani ako na hiyo sextape ya akothee??

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