Jaguar Defends Himself After Being Accused of Killing 2 People

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Starehe Constituency MP Jaguar was today involved in a nasty exchange with activist Boniface Mwangi after he revisited his 2017 court case.

The activist mentioned of an incident where two people lost their lives after being run over by Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar.

Mwangi described the Kenya Judiciary as a scarecrow implying that the ruling was unfair.

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Speaking in his defense, Jaguar stated that accidents are never intentional and called Mwangi out for using his case as a reference point.

“Accidents have never been intentional.@bonifacemwangihow many times have you caused accidents almost killing your own family members???And why is your reference only based on my case are there no other people you can quote?” reads tweet

The angry MP also claims that Boniface Mwangi might be obsessed with his name and this could be the reason why he keeps on revisiting the case.

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Following Jaguar’s response, Mwangi further admitted that he agrees to the fact that accidents are not deliberate but his concern is that the prosecution said they were appealing to Jaguar’s lenient sentence but have never done so.

In 2017 the court fined Jaguar sh20,000 or in default six months in jail.

Boniface Mwangi raised his concern after the ruling of Inspekta Mwala’s case where the radio presenter was sentenced to 1 year or pay a fine of 30K for causing death through careless driving.

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