6 Gospel Artists Who Tried Converting Their ‘sinful’ Crushes to Christianity

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Kenyan Gospel artists have in several instances shown their commitment towards ministry-related works.

One of the responsibilities that Christians feel obligated to is winning souls to Christianity although it is never an easy task. Some have been successful in this course others have failed.

Crossing over from a secular lifestyle to the gospel world is never easy and it has proven to be easier to transition from gospel to secular instead.

Some of the cases that stood out are when gospel artists tried to convert people they fell in love with or their crushes; to save them from a sinful world.

Masterpiece and Huddah Monroe

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Gospel dancehall artist Masterpiece has been trying so hard to convince socialite Huddah Monroe to go to church.

The singer revealed that he has a crush on the socialite and mentioned that his wish is to take her to church. Huddah Monroe played it down and laughed it off but has never granted the Singer’s wish.

Ringtone and Zari

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Gospel Singer Ringtone Apoko tried to win Zari by all possible means.

The Singer declared his love for the Ugandan businesswoman, offered expensive gifts and mentioned that he was even ready to marry her.

Being a radical Christian, Ringtone seemed hopeful that Diamond’s ex would be ready to fully embrace Christianity and settle in with him.

Ringtone was not successful since Zari publicly rejected his offers.

Bahati and Diana Marua


Singer Bahati played a major role in changing his wife’s lifestyle.

Diana Marua has in several interviews narrated how her life changed after she met Bahati.

She revealed that she used to take alcohol and even hide it from Bahati by chewing gum. Diana says that she quit drinking after meeting the love of her life.

Dj Mo and Size 8

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Gospel DJ Samuel Muraya managed to convert his wife Size 8.

Size 8 was a secular artist and was known for her raunchy performances and controversial lifestyle. The Singer then got saved, married and settled in with Dj Mo


Size 8 and Wahu

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Size 8 played a very major role in convincing Wahu to cross over to Christianity.

Although it seemingly came off as a personal choice, Size 8 was among the people who encouraged her through the transition.

Wahu quit from secular music and joined the gospel industry.

Wahu and Nameless

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After she ditched the secular lifestyle, Wahu is convinced that her husband Nameless will one day give his life to Christ.

4 years ago, Nameless knew that Wahu wanted to go closer to God and he even asked her to take action instead of just feeling it.

 Wahu mentioned that salvation for Nameless might not be now but she believes that eventually, he will embrace it. Her belief is that as men grow old, they move closer to God

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