Let them die! Carol Radul’s Cancer petition backfires

Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso, Image/Twitter

A local celebrity has received backlash for spearheading a petition to collect signatures from Kenyans to have zero-rate tax on cancer drugs and medical equipment to make treatment of the plague affordable.


This wake-up call by radio personality Carol Radul which was received crudely by the masses came after prominent persons succumbed to cancer in the month of July. Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso died on Monday 29th July barely 2 days after Kibra MP  Ken Okoth passed on. Also in the list is Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore who died at the beginning of the month.

These notwithstanding, so many ordinary citizens have also succumbed to cancer with nobody talking about them. Bearing in mind that cancer medication is expensive and there are also limited facilities available.

Kenyans have felt that initiating a campaign now after a public figure has fallen is a mockery and total jokes to the destitute Kenyans who have been suffering all along from cancer.


Some feel that cancer is a death sentence and expressed their pessimism when one is diagnosed with the scourge.

Most people believe that the government will take the current legislatures death as a lesson to champion cancer awareness in the country.

Here is a video where Carol Radul shared her family’s experience with cancer.

What do you think the government should do to curb cancer?

RIP all cancer victims!

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