CS Henry Rotich Imposes Heavy Tax on betting

Photo: Betting in Kenya

Betting in Kenya has elicited numerous reactions from different people. Although some people have fully employed themselves in the betting industry, the government is struggling to tame the industry which is growing each and everyday.

CS Henry Rotich during the budget Reading in the National Assembly insisted that betting has gained massive widespread. Due to its expansion it has had negative social effects particularly to the young and vulnerable members of the society.

Photo: CS Henry Rotich

“Betting has become widespread in our society, and its expansion has had negative social effects particularly to the young and vulnerable members of our society. I propose to introduce excise duty on betting activities at 10%, Henry Rotich Stated.”

In order to entail the negative effects of the betting in the society, CS Henry Rotich has since proposed the introduction of exercise duty of 10% to all betting activities and the amount staked.

The betting industry in Kenya has been on the limelight for all but wrong reasons. Just recently the state was pushing for banning of out do advertising by betting companies. The court gave them a lifeline.

However the issue of taxing the betting industry has been debated for quite a while now. CS Henry Rotich Proposal if it sails through it will be a big blow to the industry.

President Uhuru Kenyatta himself proposed a 15% tax on lotteries, betting and prize competitions.

In a memorandum to Parliament, President Kenyatta said the current definition of winnings as contained in the Betting, lotteries and Gaming Act will limit the tax charged to the net payments of betting only.





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