Human rights activists detained by government

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Justice is being questioned after reports that the authorities in Zimbabwe have detained four human rights campaigners on their return home from a foreign trip and seized their cellphones and laptops. Lawyers revealed this on Tuesday.

“They were detained upon disembarking from a South African flight at Robert Mugabe International Airport last night and held for several hours without access to their lawyers,” Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights spokesman Kumbirai Mafunda said.

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The men arrested late Monday were identified as George Makoni, 38, advocacy officer for the NGO Centre for Community Development Zimbabwe; Tatenda Mombeyarara, 37, co-ordinator for lobby group Citizens Manifesto; Gamuchirai Mukura, 31, executive director of Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development (COTRAD); and Nyasha Mpahlo, 35, governance officer at Transparency International Zimbabwe.

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Tatenda Mombeyarara of the Citizens Manifesto is one of the human rights campaigners taken into custody in Zimbabwe

Lawyers were granted access to the four at Harare’s central police five hours after the arrest.

Their arrest came days after state-owned daily The Herald ran a story claiming that “a group of shady organisations with links to the (main opposition) MDC-Alliance has been hard at work laying the groundwork for civil unrest to be unleashed next month.”

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The newspaper said some activists had attended a workshop on the Maldives archipelago that was conducted by a non-profit Serbian organisation, Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS).

The paper also claimed that some members of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) had earlier this month attended a workshop in Prague.

Several organisations mentioned by the newspaper dismissed the story as false and denied involvement in any plot against the government.

Zimbabwean authorities have in the past used brutal force including the use of live ammunition to crush dissent.

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