HII NI KUZOEANA! How to know whether you’re In Too Deep in a Relationship

At first, the idea of geting too comfortable to someone scares most if not all of us. Imagining that you’re going to endure this other person’s tendencies, however disgusting, their odd habits, among other things, makes us squirm.

But guess what? There just reaches a point in the relationship, where things just get weird and you and your boyfriend are extremely comfortable. The level of weird and crazy is completely normal to the two of you but to your friends and other people, it’s almost a sight for sore eyes.

Here are some things couples in long-term relationships do that are a tad bit weird to the outside world. PS; we still got mad love for ya’ll.

1. Your bodily smells are no longer a grey area

You guys get used to each other’s weird scents, from burps, to sweat to farts (come slowly). It’s nothing new to you and you’re both extremely comfortable. Throughout the course of your relationship, the importance of hiding your farts and excusing your burps have slowly evaporate down because you both are more comfortable with each other.

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2. You’ve seen each other wear the opposite sex clothes

Yes, I know you’re reading this and laughing. When you and your man are together doing whatever it is you love birds do, I bet you’ve told him to wear your bra or a dress of yours and parade it for you. Oh and honey I am not leaving you out of this either. I’m sure you’ve worn his boxers too.

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3. Morning breath doesn’t bother you as much

You still kiss that mouth in the morning. You don’t seem to complain about that ka-whiff when ya’ll say morning. Mornings just consist of “Morning babe” with a huge smooch on the lips or cheek, maybe more if it’s a good morning. And life goes on.

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4. You can communicate telepathically

You two communicate through your body language, how you talk and look at things and you get the message. This shit right here is just super cute. Admit it.

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5. You both laugh when the other falls and stop when they don’t get up

Nobody said the relationship was going to be perfect. If he or your trips, you’re both bound to laugh and apologize after a few minutes.  You both laugh at each other falling down, tripping, or slipping. It is all good fun unless you don’t see them get up.

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These are weird but normal habits of people who have been together for years. So just keep doing you and be happy!

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