SOCIOPATH ALERT! Just how well do you know your man?


Often, it is said that when one falls head over heels in love, they tend to oversee negative signs pertaining to the one they love, only to find out when its too late, or when in too deep.

Its easy to overlook some character traits of your man. I mean, you won’t always love him 24/7. Its okay if you find yourself hating him a few times in the relationship. They do have the tendency of getting us worked up. What would you do when your gut tells you that he is too good to be true and you’re just super uneasy about him? Well then ladies its time to get your detective goggles on and watch out for these red flags.

1. He’s extremely controlling

He’s got you on a tight leash, monitors your every move and the people you associate yourself with, he dictates your movements, where to go and when to do it. Girl, this right here is a sign that you need to get stepping. No man has the right to dictate your life but YOU honey. Keep in mind that he ain’t got nothing on you.  Do the Johnny Walker and keep walking.

6 Signs that you are dating a sociopath
2. He seems too good to be true

He’s got  a way with words and his actions, that just make you fall in love with him even more. You find yourself saying ‘yes’ to almost anything he says or does. He sweeps you off your feet and showers you with love, gifts and he even goes to the extent of treating you out to the most expensive and luxurious destinations and restaurants. This right here, is yet another sign that you should keep your eyes open. If he overdoes it, then you should be worried because he is setting you up in a way that it easy to extract information from you.

6 signs that you are dating a sociopath
3. He preys on your good qualities

A sociopath is already accustomed to lying and so, it wont be a hard thing for him to fake his feelings. He’s good at pretending to be hurt and incapacitated. Sociopaths usually go for women who have big hearts and have a warm personality, great people skills and is extremely loving. He tends to find a woman of such substance, easy to manipulate.

6 signs that you are dating a sociopath

4. His declaration of love for you feels false and hollow

His profession of love for you feels rehearsed and forced. He’d say things like ” you’re the woman of my dreams” or ” You are my whole world and I would die without you.”
Even as he says these things to you, you just feel like he’s only saying it to impress you or make you feel secure about him. Sometimes his actions don’t match his words. He can be saying all the sweet things, and deep down he knows he doesn’t mean what he says. You feel it in your heart that his words are not genuine and a part of you sees right through him. In reality, he couldn’t care any less about you or the relationship.

6 signs that you are dating a sociopath

5. He doesn’t have close relationships

He hardly has friends or family who he spends time with and you haven’t met them either. He only introduces you to a few colleagues, who he hardly spends time with. He is very evasive concerning his personal life and any time you bring the topic up, he gets agitated and irritable. He is a loner. When you even try bring up the topic about friends or family, he immediately shuts it down. This could also be a sign.

6 signs that you are dating a sociopath
6. He makes messes for you to clean up

In certain situations like money, or your relationship with family members and friends,  you will find yourself trying to explain or mend broken bridges with your loved ones, that he broke and left for you to pick up the pieces. He leaves you with a bad trail of debts you have to pay. He purposely puts you in difficult situations, knowing that he wont be there to clean up the mess that he created,  but he leaves you doing damage control.

6 signs that you are dating a sociopath

If you find yourself going through these red flags or even more, pack your bags & save yourself the hurt and move on. Sometimes you’re so hung up on a man you thought was the one, but he ended up being the exact opposite hard to leave because you’re so in love and afraid to move on.  But no man is worth you losing your sanity over. Pick up all the pieces, fix your crown and move on to become a better you, for you and  you will attract what you deserve.

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