Why Bicycle Seats are an enemy to a man’s balls

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Biking/Cycling has a bad reputation for wrecking testicles, but that story is heavily distorted, unlike the average cyclist’s scrotum, apparently, hahaha! but this is not a laughing matter. There are a million reasons to ride your bike: Enhanced cardiovascular fitness; improved muscle strength and flexibility, increased joint mobility, reduced stress levels, upgraded posture and coordination; reinforced bones; decreased body fat levels; prevention (or management) of disease as well as reduced anxiety and depression.

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It’s also cheap and great for the environment. But alas, cycling also, as legend would have it, batters your balls, which surely dissuades many men from pedaling into the sunset on their trusty metal steeds. This may seem obvious, but before we delve into the testicular issues associated with cycling, understand that long-distance cyclists   not recreational riders   are the real at-risk party here.

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Testicular damage from cycling is ordinarily caused by an inadequate saddle not cycling itself. As a result, constant pressure is applied to your pudendal nerve (the primary nerve found in your taint, which can lead to pain, discomfort or numbness in the genitals aka, numbnuts.

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Testicular torsion is  a freakish ailment involving the twisting of the cord that supplies blood to your balls. It would appear that the testis could become twisted between the thigh and the saddle as the legs go up and down. This problem can be avoided altogether by simply getting yourself a more comfortable seat. In almost all cases, reduction or cessation of your balls from the cycling activities resulted in full recovery from symptoms.

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