Shock as Bishop Sleeps With A woman In front of cheering congregation

The drama continues to unfold in churches of today. Instead of pastors preaching the word of God, they have devised their own ways of dramatizing, and playing tricks in church pulpits.

The most shocking part of it is that the congregation is comfortable with such theatrics, and they stick to these rogue pastors who keep on feeding lies to them while siphoning cash in the name of offering and tithes.

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Daniel Obinim

In a shocking incident, a bishop slept with a female congregant on a sofa before the church full of people to perform get husband miracle.

The Bishop who is founder of International God’s Way Church goes by the  Daniel Obinim. Funny enough the other congregants cheered with excitement, as they clapped hands.

The video of the Ghanaian bishop went viral on social media. You can have a look and judge yourself.

From the video, the pastor calls the woman by her name. the woman is believed to be looking for a husband.
 he then directs her to sleep on the sofa and then he joins her. In the video, the Bishop is heard saying
‘the lady is kissing my hand,I am giving her ahusband’

Both are sleeping in a very comfortable romantic position

Is this how miracles happen or its drama?

This is not the first time this Ghanaian pastor is fooling his congregants, in a different occasion he attempted to fly to heaven from his church. Take a look

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