‘How sure r you, you’re pretty,’ Fans blast Noti Flow


Former Nairobi Diaries actress Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow has left tongues wagging after posted an image of her petite, tattoo-covered self.

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Her caption though was fascinating. It seemed to shame men who liked smashing big women, even referring to those women as primates. She posted:

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At least I’ve got a small ass but am pretty. y’all nigahs be fvckin big ass gorilla

Some of her follower’s comments are below:

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linahvulemy: This is mean aki…
isabelshiro: Awoooh tell them boo.. Small as but pretty lol❤️❤️

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mikiendegwa: Ur right..u pretty as fck..but u got no ass.none at all let’s be honest

tuitoekjelagatt: Am big ass but am pretty. Stop hating on big as females.

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eareliztosh: How sure r u your pretty??

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