A Disappointed Kabogo Questions Ruto’s Audacity to Support Waititu

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Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has once again added his voice to the ongoing mess at Kiambu County.

A seemingly disappointed Kabogo has hit out at Deputy President William Ruto saying that he is surprised that the DP had the audacity to clean Waititu of his mess yesterday.

Kabogo has said that Ruto, having been a member of parliament should have known that it is not right to speak about matters before parliament just as you cannot speak of matters before Court.

Kabogo has also hit out at Waititu for failing the people of Kiambu. He has called on him to concentrate on Service delivery to the people that elected him.

Kabogo has also called for an audit by a private firm in Kiambu. He wants the firm to do a quick 14-day audit after which he says that the whole world will be shocked.

The First Kiambu Governor has also said that he is interested to know how Waititu spent County funds and how he spent them.

Kabogo’s latest remarks comes just days after Waititu blamed him for the Sh2 billion questionable spending brought to light by a Senate committee.

He claimed the report in question pointed to a budget that was prepared for the 2017-18 financial year before he took office.

“It is actually not us who did this budget; it was done by the previous government under) Governor Kabogo,” Waititu said.

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William Kabogo, a fierce critic of Waititu, did not take the accusation lightly.

He took to Twitter on Friday to shame Waitutu for shifting the blame to him.

“Shame on Waititu trying to shift blame. Ask your assembly for this information. I’m not surprised that you got no clue in what is where,” Kabogo tweeted

Well, this War of Words between Waititu and Kabogo seem not to be ending anytime soon.


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