Baringo residents receive beer from Chinese as part of relief food

As drought worsens, the government released Sh2 billion to cushion Kenyans against the long, dry spell. However, at least two people have died of hunger in Baringo County in the last two months.

Affected families are now surviving on a wild fruit locally known as sorich, which has to be boiled for many hours to clear poison and make it edible.

But as the government’s response to the drought situation continues to be in sharp focus, a Chinese company caused a stir in a village in Baringo County after donating beer as part of food aid to hungry residents.

Chuanshan International Mining Company donated more than 300 bags of maize, 20 cartons of cooking oil and over 20 cartons of a Chinese-brand beer.

Speaking during the relief food distribution in Katikit, Tiaty, the company’s director said he decided to include beer because villagers enjoy it.

“Locals in this area love liquor so I saw it fit to make it part of donations to hunger-ravaged villages,” said Mr Han Ke.

Resident Ben Todonyang and others could not hide their excitement.

Mr Todonyang said, “We are really grateful to get beer in this remote village. We have been hit hardest by the food shortage. The beer will make us happy and cause us to forget our many problems.”

Tiaty MP William Kamket, who attended the event, said food donated by the government had not yet reached remote villages because of lack of transport.

“More than 500 bags of maize are still in government stores in Chemolingot for lack of fuel for transport. The only food that has reached the villages is that donated by well-wishers,” he said.

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