Nairobi City Hall to collect lowest revenue ever recorded

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Capital city Nairobi will register the worst revenue collection for 2018-2019 of all times.

County assembly Budget and Appropriations committee vice chairman Patrick Karani said revenue collection will be very low. 

The county collected Sh3.7 billion in the first half (June to December). 

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In January, Sh1.7 billion was collected, Sh1 billion in February and last week, which marked the end of the third quarter, around Sh1.4 billion was collected.

“The total collected from last year June up to this March comes to 7.8 billion. You can see that this year we are going to underperform in terms of the budget,” Karani said.

He said City Hall will not raise Sh10 billion like it did in the last financial year.

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The vice chairman said the Annual Development Plan for the next financial year ( 2019-2020) is not supported by the revenue.

Karani said the Executive’s spending priorities need to be interrogated further because the money raised will not pay for the current projects.

“This calls an alarm for the next budget. It is important for the Executive to realise now that things are not okay and it is high time they put their House in order and made sure this county meets its revenue target,” he said.

Last week, the legislators passed a motion on the adoption of the report on the Annual Development Plan for the next financial year.

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