Campaign moves for shisha ban to be lifted led by traders

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Self indulgance freedom can turn out to be such contradicting topic especially if the hobby is controversial and harmful to ones health and reputation.

This is because its hard to convict someone when its themselves causing their pain because we have different perceptions, strength and personnality that will clash once we judge each other.

Shisha traders, users and players in the entertainment industry have urged the government to lift the ban on the sale and use of the commodity.

Speaking at a stakeholders’ meeting on shisha ban at Castle Royal Hotel in Mombasa, on Thursday, the traders and users termed the ban as punitive, saying that it had led to loss of jobs.

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“The government should regulate the issue licenses to shisha traders instead of issuing a blanket ban. The ban has affected our businesses,” Mr Mohamed Mohammed a former importer said.

Mombasa businessman Zakaria Juneid said that despite using shisha for more than 10 years, he has not had any health issues.

“Shisha smoking started in Kenya in the 1990s, why ban it in 2017? If it is dangerous, we need a rehabilitation centres for those affected. We want fairness, if it is about taxes, let the government impose it on importers and users,” Mr Juneid said.

Health ministry officials, however, defended the ban saying it was implemented due to public demand.

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