VIDEO: Diamond’s Wasafi Media to deny airplay to artists who bribe


Diamond Platnumz has today warned artists with the habit of giving bribes saying that they will be denied airplay.

The Singer was speaking during a meeting between top government officials and  Tanzanian artists.

Diamond says that he does not condone such behavior and will not allow corruption to be part of the system in his media space.

The artist also encouraged artists to work hard and  stated that this is what will get them airplay and not backdoor payment.

Diamond said that such arrangements simply mean that artists want to lock  the songs of others not to be played.

According to the WCB Boss, he says that their media promotes artists work for free and therefore such deals are unacceptable.

The Wasafi Media has been running for about a year now and has provided a platform to many artists as well as serves as the home of entertainment.

During the meeting,  Diamond Platnumz also requested the Tanzanian Government set up an institution honouring the achievements of artists who do well in the industry.

The WCB Boss says that this move is mainly to keep a record of the top celebrities whose work impacted the lives of others.

The Singer mentioned that by such an institution it will help other generations to be familiar with the history of legendary people in different fields.

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