President Kenyatta reveals key agenda on his tour to Arusha

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today made his trip to Arusha public as he shared on his Key Agenda.

The head of state said that the Key Agenda  in Arusha is to ensure that East African nations are united for the purpose of doing business together.

On his way to Arusha, the President addressed Kitengela residents saying that the government wants to build a nation that ensures the needs of youth, women and children are met without asking where they come from.

The President said that the nation and the East African Community cannot develop economically if we Kenya is divided.

He therefore urged Kenyans to stand united and work towards promoting peace love and unity in the spirit of boosting relations with other countries.

By doing so, Kenyatta believes that  it will break the barriers that prevent the people of the EA community from prospering. The head of state also urged Kenyans not to accept to be divided by anyone.

“Raila & I used to compete politically but we are now united.We need to decide as Kenyans that we will live together peacefully & work together to develop our nation & EA. Politics cannot feed us, we will be fed by our hardwork” he said.

He also warned leaders to stop politicking and fueling division but instead focus on development.

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