Why purple color by KDF was the center of attention in Jamhuri Celebrations

Most Kenyans turned up in large numbers in the 55 fifth celebration of Jamhuri Day. The even was filled with extra ordinary things that shifted from the same old things Kenyans are used to seeing during such celebrations.

Jamhuri Day is celebrated on 12th December. Jamhuri is Swahili for Republic and as such Jamhuri Day is also known as Republic Day or Independence Day.

The state decided to treat Kenyans to an extra ordinary show during this event.

The President Uhuru Kenyatta graced the celebrations dressed in a full Army Regalia with a red tunic color. Apart from signifying that he is the head of state, it also symbolized the unison in the line of Defense in the Kenyan Military Units.

President Uhuru is not the only one who has dressed in a full army regalia during this special celebrations but also his predecessor.

What attracted most attention is the purple flag that was given all the honor of the day.


The colors were consecrated by various religious leaders and even special prayers held in the conscretion.

The batallion colors were officially presented by the President to the Kenya Defense Force.


The color was then trooped by the 17 Batallion and the Kenya Rifles Group.

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