PHOTOS: Major turn up by Kenyan artists on Jamhuri Day Celebrations


Kenyan artists and celebrities are today celebrating Jamhuri day in style as they gathered to support each other and the milestone in the music industry since Kenya became an independent republic.

Holding it down on the decks was one of the badass female Dj Pierra Makena who is a multi talented woman making moves in the industry. Backing her up were other Djs

Gospel artists and secular artist united as one to celebrate and even shared the stage during the entertainment segment.

Kenyans were today impressed by the artist unity noting that we should use music as a tool to fight negative ethnicity rather than as a tool to promote tribalism and endorse behavior that promote disunity.

Its never enough as the norms and traditions of the country to conduct a ceremony without music they say and today the artists came in full force to give their best.

PHOTO/COURTESY Msupa S & Jabidii at Nyayo Stadium during Jamhuri Celebrations

This day does not just embark on Kenya’s efforts at 55 but also recognizes diversity as well as giving the opportunity for Kenyans from different parts to be united.

The artists have also got the platform to support local and upcoming talents. Music has helped many youth to keep off illegal activities as it serves as an alternative to  crime, gangs and drug and substance abuse.

“As Africa evolves from traditional societies and crystalizes into contemporary ones, the uses and functions of music and dance continue to be important.”

Other artists who also graced the Jamhuri Day celebrations include pioneer gospel artist Esther Wahome among others.

Music continues to be a source of income to some of the artists who take it up as their career.

The competition and struggle to thrive in the industry continues to be a major hustle but it is the passion and determination that makes the cut.

What are your thoughts on this turn up?

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