Jamhuri Celebrations: Nostalgic Uhuru Reminds leaders of their core principle


Jamhuri Day Celebration came along with nostalgia as leaders remembered and reflected on the struggle that leaders went through to earn Kenya Independence.

The journey of freedom has come a long way and Kenyan leaders have today shared how they never want to throw those efforts to the birds.

President Kenyatta today tasked the youth with a challenge to work hard and maintain/ protect the freedom which he says did not come  easy.

“My challenge to our youth is to keep the flame of our freedom fighters burning, keep Kenyans united & bring Africa together. You have in you the spirit of the great men & women who fought to bring to life an independent Kenya. Always remember them and do not betray their cause.” he said

The Deputy President William Ruto backed Kenyatta’s sentiments saying that as Kenyans, there is need to use better our hard-earned freedom to build our economy, create jobs for our young people, conquer hunger and improve access to quality education and healthcare.

He also added that to succeed in this, there needs to be unity of purpose around the national development plans that are already in place.

President Kenyatta in his remarks  reminded leaders of their core principle “Our job as leaders is very simple; it is to work for the people of Kenya every single day, to rebuild the bonds of brotherhood between our people & to weave a new & stronger fabric of patriotism & nationhood that we, as a country require” he said

He also mentioned that Kenyans must all remain vigilant. “The enemy lives & walks amongst us & it’s every citizen’s duty to protect our motherland. Don’t be silent when you see them scheming to kidnap our youth for use as child soldiers, or when you see them planning to ambush & attack our homes and villages” he said

Kenyatta gave thanks to Kenyans who were in attendance saying that he was honored to have joined in to remember & celebrate our country’s illustrious journey to independence & self-governance.

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