Paul Clement ‘brings heavens down’ with new song


Gospel Music is the food to the soul and as we are all coming towards the end of the year I think we all have something to thank God for. He has been faithful. Gospel Artist Paul Clement has a new song titled ‘Mwaminifu’.

The song is about  praising God for how He is faithful and always fulfills his word. He remains true to his promises.

God cannot abandon you  along the way. If He started with you then he will hold you though till the very end.

A song full of hope and encouragement of life it reveals the good things that the Lord has in place for us all as his people.

His Gospel message is clear and on point; the challenges are not reason for us to give up but hold on as believers.

Paul Clement is such a blessing in the music Industry and is famusly known for his hit that touched to core of our souls ‘ Amenifanyia Amani’

A song from two years ago and managed to get over 2.2 Million views.

Paul Clement is among the Gospel Artists who are keeping faith and have the word of God placed evidently in his songs.

A young man who continues to inspire the lives of many and helps us to have the courage to face

I would call it music with God’s breathe.. I would describe it as powerful and messages full of purpose and grace.

Have you listened to his new song? Hope you will be blessed by it.

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