Kenyans react to King Kaka’s romantic proposal


King Kaka is getting hitched guys and this is not a small thing. It is a big deal to the social media in laws who were impressed by the rappers bold and romantic move.

Proposing to his sweetheart Nana in such a big crowd is pure proof of love and the respect that the couple have for each other.

It is all celebrations online as people are asking on when the wedding date is and when the love birds will be walking down the aisle.


He is off market… slayqueens have been warned as many have talked on how much of a lesson it is to young boys who do not seem to value relationships anymore.

Some have even stated that this should be a lesson specifically for Singer Otile Brown who has been having countless drama and fights with ex girlfriend Vera Sidika.

Of the rare opinion feel that King Kaka came off as a weak man by kneeling down. Is it not shameful that our men have this attitude?


From the proposal, to the album launch it was such a beautiful thing to be witnessed by his fans. Such a beautiful think to be in love I guess.

Have a look at the reactions from Kenyans

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