Pesa Otas! James Mworia celebrates 10 years of being Centum Investments CEO

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It’s not everyday people that rise up the career ladder over a short period of time but for the lucky few like James Mwirigi Mworia, they have managed to reach the top without much sweat.

Mworia, a Kenyan lawyer, accountant, business executive and the Centum Investment CEO today celebrates 10 years of being the company’s Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.


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Even after ten years of heading Centum Investments, a statement from the company’s social media accounts suggested that there could be many more years to come with Mr. Mworia as the lead.



“Today marks our CEO’s @MworiaJ 10th working anniversary. Join us in celebrating and congratulating him on the journey that he has led Centum on for the past years. We sure look forward to your leadership and guidance in the coming years. #MworiaAt10,” read a tweet.

Mworia on the other hand, described the ten years of being CEO as an incredible journey that has been filled with many victories and challenges alike.


“A decade ago I joined @Centum_Inv. It has been an incredible journey with many highs and lows and I could not have done this without each and everyone of you. I look forward to steering the company to greater  heights with your continued support. #MworiaAt10,” said Mworia.

He further indicated that it was hard to believe that 10 years have passed since he took over as CEO of Centum investments. He attributed the achievements of his company to the great team, amazingly supportive board and shareholders without whom, success would have been impossible.


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In 2001, Mworia began working as a filing clerk at Centum Investments. Despite having a law degree and several other financial and accounting diplomas and certificates, Mworia was humble enough to accept this entry-level position something millenials today in the job market would otherwise not agree to.

He gradually rose through the ranks and after four years, he was appointed Chief Investment Officer at the company, a position which he served in until December 2006 when he joined TransCentury Investments as the Head of Investments.

In 2008, at the age of only 30, James Mworia was appointed CEO and MD at Centum. Mworia performed exceptionally well and during his first six years as CEO, Centum increased its asset base from Ksh. 6 billion to approximately Ksh. 30 billion making Centum Investments the largest publicly traded private capital firm in eastern Africa.


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In September 2016, Mr. Mworia was named the highest paid executive among the five largest corporations in Kenya, with an annual compensation package valued at Ksh. 201.1 million annually.

It is clear that James Mworia has earned his success and has worked hard to be where he is today, an great reminder to each of us that we reap what sow.

What would you do with an annual salary of over 200 million Kenya shillings?

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