KOT react as Judge Jessie Lessit withdraws from Maribe’s case


Kenyans have reacted to Justice Jessie Lessit’s move to assign Monica Kimani’s murder case to a different judge in a different court. This was announced on Monday after the lead suspects Maribe and fiancee Joseph Irungu pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Lessit, with her 32 years experience handling criminal justice cases in Kenya, in the Monday session informed the accused persons that they will be appearing before a different judge on Wednesday 17th October.

Journalist Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungu were appearing before Justice Lessit to take plea after being implicated in the murder of the businesswoman at her apartment in Kilimani. The two have been in police custody for weeks now after they were arrested.

As stated in Citizen Digital; In an affidavit by Investigating Officer Maxwell Otieno, the prosecution claims that there is high probability that the two accused persons will interfere with ongoing investigations if released on bail.

The investigating officer further stated that Monica Kimani’s residence as well as that Ms. Maribe have been identified to be the primary and secondary crime scenes respectively, hence, the accused persons could tamper with the ongoing probe.

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