I Am Not PREGNANT – Anita Nderu

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Pregnancy rumours just don’t seem to relent when it comes to Capital FM’s presenter Anita Nderu. She has been rumoured to be pregnant severally but it all turns out to be false.

This time, her fans seem to be more convinced that indeed the pretty lass is a mother to be after the dress she put on to a Friday night show revealed she had a slightly bigger stomach than usual.

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She has been forced, once again, to come clean on whether she is pregnant or not. She claims that all ladies bloat once every month something that sometimes make them appear pregnant.

“If you have ever watched The Trend then you know I use my hands alot! And no I am not pregnant, once in a month we bloat,” she posted.

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Well, seems like Kenyans are back at it again, congratulating Ms. Nderu for her pregnancy while others are convinced she is not pregnant;

ms_agidza No babe you pregnant…….hakuna cha bloating hapa

ninasorai Anita umebloat hadi mikono na uso….nooo baby gal.. congratulations

the_owner4 @anitanderu take fresh lemon tea regularly ‘about the bloat’.

Jaqtum Yeah we bloat

chebety_bebety @anitanderu You represent the bold. You owe no one a flat tummy. Keep doing you pretty????????????

twiriemunoru Missy i loove your sense of humour!

Shelleyniquilla ???? ???? I’m permanently bloated… I’ve made peace with that fact

Shieekiko Anita you swallowed that thing whole. Accept and move on. Pregnancy is not a disease

nj9482I strongly agree with you.. For like a week i have in the same situation.. Thank God is over..

jojondab Thought I was the only one. My jeans won’t even button at that time. I have special clothes for those days.

_maureen_ndungu Looking good even if we are so bloated than the usual stomach bloating ????????

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