Ruto: No Sacred Cows in Fertiliser Scandal Probe; Acid Test for Linturi, Nakhumicha as Impeachment Knocks & Inside Raila’s Grand Plan to Safeguard ODM as He Sets Sights on AU Post

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President Wiliam Ruto has weighed in on the recent attack by Iran on Israel marking a significant stance on the escalating conflict in the Middle East.

The attack, which targeted Israeli territories, has prompted swift international condemnation, with Ruto joining the chorus of leaders expressing outrage at the aggression.

Ruto’s condemnation comes amidst mounting tensions in the Middle East, where simmering disputes have occasionally erupted into open conflict. His statement signals Kenya’s commitment to upholding principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, and peaceful resolution of disputes.

But for Kenyans, the condemnations came as a sign of singing the tune of ‘masters’ and not that of the citizens. A section of Kenyans including former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, Ruto speaks in his master’s voice and never in his people’s voice.

Not so long ago, Kenya received donations of billions to help bring law and order to the Carribean country, Haiti, which has been suffering under armed gangs.

For many, Kenya has been vocal in these issues because of the monetary support it receives and that it will always go with the saying “who pays the piper calls the tune”.

Do you think President Ruto was justified to be among the first African leaders to call out Iran?

Meanwhile, here are stories making headlines on Opera News today;

President Ruto: No sacred cows in fertiliser scandal probe

President William Ruto has told those who swindled farmers in the fake fertiliser scam that they will face the full force of the law. Speaking in Nyeri town yesterday, the President accused those involved in the scam of “trying to sabotage our agriculture with fake fertiliser” and declared that they will be dealt with.

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Acid test for Linturi, Nakhumicha as impeachment knocks

Kenya Kwanza, Azimio lawmakers plot ouster motions against the two leaders Agriculture CS Mithika Linturi and his Health counterpart Susan Nakhumicha face a tough acid test amid their ouster plots in Parliament.

Linturi and Nakhumicha face ouster over the fake fertiliser scam and prolonged doctors’ strike that has paralysed services in public hospitals, respectively.

Inside Raila’s grand plan to safeguard ODM as he sets sights on AU post

The Raila Odinga-led ODM party has resolved to incorporate two critical organs into its party constitution, a move seen as an attempt by the opposition chief to protect his party from possible ‘perversion,’ as he sets his sights on the chairmanship of the African Union Commission (AUC).

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