Confusion as Ruto’s Nominee Admits He Lacks Experience; Majority of Kenyans Feel Country Headed in Wrong Direction and Journalist Allan Namu Demands Apology from CS Linturi

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Azimio coalition leader Raila Odinga on Thursday, 12th April finally reacted to the ongoing doctors’ strike which has crippled medical services across Kenya.

The opposition leader has been silent in matters local politics for a while with his major focus being on the AUC seat campaigns.

Mr. Odinga appealed to the government and KMPDU to find a middle ground to facilitate the resumption of medical services.

Do you think Raila’s reaction will force the government to act soon to end the ongoing medics strike?

Here are the stories making headlines on Opera News today:

Confusion as Ruto’s Nominee Admits He Lacks Experience, Promises to go Back to School if Approved

Charles Githinji, president William Ruto’s nominee for Goma sparked sharp reactions from MPs during his yesterday’s vetting.

However as relayed by a report covered on Friday’s Standard publication, Githinji , a petrol station owner claimed he has no experience in the assignment he was appointed to by the head of state.


Majority of Kenyans feel country headed in wrong direction— Infotrak

Majority of Kenyans, 58 per cent, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction with those who were polled citing unemployment, over taxation and poor governance.

This is however declining from last year when 61 per cent of Kenyans who believed the country was on a wrong path.


Veteran Journalist John Allan Namu Demands for an Apology from Mithika Linturi Over Defamation

Veteran journalist John Allan Namu has demanded for an apology from Mithika Linturi over defamation. Mithika Linturi referred to the veteran journalist as a crook few days ago.

John Allan Namu exposed the fake fertilizer scandal few weeks ago. He conducted investigations that revealed that several companies had been involved in packaging and distributing fake fertilizer to farmers around the country.



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